Write for Us

Lambda Associates is a web magazine devoted to the creation and promotion of different startup projects and companies with the help of several venture capital firms who are leading the market and changing economies around the globe.

Our focus is related, but not limited to, venture capitalists, tech businesses and startup projects, tips and tricks on how to become a good tech investor, guides on how to catch a good investor if you are a tech startup company owner, and much more in the same field.

We want to teach successful investor in other areas how to venture into the tech industry. We want to give opportunities to different startup projects by showcasing them while also helping them connect with the leading firms in the field.

Not everyone is going to know how to invest in tech startups from the get go, and we want to bring more and more investors to this field. In Lambda Associates, we think that technology is the main motor behind economy’s success, and we want a global technocratic society thriving in the near future.

We need more writers for our current project. If you’re a native English speaker with a good grasp on tech businesses and investing, feel free to send your resume and proof of your writing work. We will be glad to check out your profile and if you’re a good fit, you’ll be hearing from us really soon.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Dylan Willis – Founder of Lambda Associates