featured7 - What’s New for Niklas Zennström?

What’s New for Niklas Zennström?

NiklasZennström is a high-profile 52-year-old Swedish businessman who has two degrees, one at the University of Uppsala and the other at the University of Michigan. He is known to be co-founder, along with his partner Janus Friis, of Skype and Kazaa. Learn about his company and success.

What’s New?

21 - What’s New for Niklas Zennström?

Niklas created a technology investment company called ATOMICO. The largest investments this company made in the past are amazing, includingSkype, Supercell, among others.

His company has bases in London, Beijing, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Sao Paulo, which means he already has an international reputation. The company’s goal is to invest in technology companies to improve them. Atomico has more than $ 1 billion dollars to invest in technology projects.

Major Projects

22 - What’s New for Niklas Zennström?

Among the biggest creations of Niklas is Skype, which is a program distributed by Microsoft where you can communicate through video calls, all this with internet function. Created in 2003, it is currently one of the most used programs worldwide. Currently, the official owner of Skype is Microsoft itself, which bought more than $ 8,000 million dollars.

Another of Niklas’s major technological investments is Kazaa, which was an application through which files could be exchanged. Through it came to download a lot of music and movies, more than anything else. Its initial release was in the year 2001, and the last stable version of the application was in the year 2006. Another of Zennström’s investments was Joost, a means of distributing videos. Currently, Niklas is investing with the company Lilium, in a company on flying electric cars.


Zennström is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Sweden, so he was included in the Startup Hall of Fame in that country. In addition to being president of the European Technology Alliance, which aims to strengthen Europe as a technological center, so that it contributes to the economy and boosts jobs.

He also has been recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the most influential people of 2006. In 2011, the University of Oxford awarded him recognition for his career in the technological field. In 2013, he was also awarded the H. M of the King of 12th medal with a bright blue ribbon for significant contributions to Swedish society and industry.

We also know that the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 2013 awarded Zennström the gold medal for its “highly successful business achievements, creative innovation, high technical competence and exceptional leadership”.

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