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Top Start-Up Offices to be Inspired from

Your office is more than a workspace. It’s the central hub of your creativity, your team’s passion, your business’s motivation, and your overall productivity.

Having a kickass office will help you attract the top talent, i.e. crème de la crème, of candidates out there and have them dying to work with you. We are sure that you agree than an awesome work environment and atmosphere helps to keep your team engaged, happy and efficient. There is no doubt about that, right?

We are not telling you to urgently call up your architect and tell him to design the next equivalent of Googleplex.

You need to find your own vibe, your own colours and your own balance of design innovation. Some offices offer in-house gyms take advantage of large metal garages, offer free lunches, sleeping pods and what not. But as a start-up, it is most likely that you need to keep your financial belt tight and cannot loosen the purse strings for such benefits.

No worries, there are plenty of ways for you to still create an inspiring, motivating and happy ambience without going way beyond your budget. See, we are here to help you. That’s why we have put together a list of start-up offices for you to be inspired from.

Go ahead and take a look:


Quirky only in name, this company was launched in the year 2009. It’s risen above a number of challenges and has created an impressive quantity of products in less than a decade. You may have already seen their brands in large retail shops such as Office Max and Bed Bath.

Want to know something even more amazing about this young company’s achievements? In less than 3 years of its inception, it picked up all its employees and moved them in to a breath-taking new office space that is located on the second floor of an old warehouse on the Western side of Manhattan.

With plenty of space for seminars, workshops, meetings and opportunities to have a bit of fun, it’s the ideal work location space for a company with a culture like Quirky.

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Now, that is one sweet office we wouldn’t mind working in! Foursquare is a location based social network focusing on mobile devices that lets users pin their current location and leave reviews or feedback for the places in question.

Situated in the heart of New York, the Foursquare office embodies the lively spirit of this enthralling city as well. To help employees release some stress and relax a bit, a recreational room was installed with foosball tables, ping pong games, and shuffleboards. Sign us up!


In today’s day and age, who doesn’t use music apps such as Spotify?

It’s just another one of the many thriving tech start-up companies based in New York. The unique thing about this office’s design is that its employees took the initiative and created a space as per their requirements’. It has the greatest number of height adjustable desks in the city.

There is a dual level space that is outlined with open plan workstations, lots of seats and sexy workspaces with a dab of vivid colour here and there.

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If you ever wanted to work in the comfort of your living room, then you need to apply for a job at Etsy. A haven for vintage and crafts, Etsy has recreated its website in living room within its office space. Filled with bright colours, it is the ideal space for innovation and invention.


An awesome blog covering famous media and news personalities, Gawker was founded by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers. Yes, they are also located in the Big Apple, i.e. New York.

Wow, this city really has awesome start-up offices!! With a Matrix style lounge space, there is also a huge deck space and has décor inspired by Steampunk. Want to see it for yourself? Go apply for a job or ask to visit!


Do you use this app, Evernote? We are addicted! Phil Libin launched this brilliant app to help people take notes and to be more organised. Can you guess where their office is situated? Nope, not New York 😀 It’s actually located in Redwood City, California.

Image result for evernote office

Would you believe they have over eighty thousand of square feet space in their premises? Oh, if you’re wondering about all those elephants that are everywhere, they’re part of Evernote’s branding. Hey, there are even low maintenance water conserving plants in the lobby!


If you need any kind of business card, fancy or simple, Moo is the place to go. This company designs and prints business cards and do all the hard work for you. Their headquarters are in London and have a large open floor plan with tables as work stations. Again, colours liven the space up and create an awesome atmosphere. Who doesn’t love colours now?


This amazing social network and entertainment blog comes up with the most amazing content! We are huge fans. Located in New York, it was launched in the year 2006 as a viral lab that has evolved to cover a huge range of topics. They have two floors, awesome views and yellow walls. Great way to keep the mood sunny and light, wouldn’t you say? We sure do!


This is a web software house situated in Chicago, another one of our favourite cities! They can rewrite rules and have brilliant design calibre. Their office looks like a contemporary hotel lobby with its sleek design. We love the professionalism it exudes!


Outbrain is a content agency that lets users amplify their content with the application of different widgets. There is a gorgeous mural by Puerto Rican artist Sofia Maldonado and is complemented by white, beige and grey furniture with bright accessories.

What do you think of all these office designs that we have mentioned? Have you fallen in love with them as much as we have? We sure hope that they inspired you to come up with your own unique office space.





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