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LISP and its Advantages

LISP is a multi-paradigm computer programming language created by John McCarthy in the late 50’s. The acronym means “List Processing”. Its function is to separate the host identities of the network to which they belong, which it does with RLOC and EID.

Like FORTRAN, Lisp has changed a lot since its inception, and there have been a large number of dialects in its history. Today, the most widely known Lisp dialects are Common LISP and Scheme.

Rapid Development

LISP works with artificial intelligence (AI), and has always been in favor of the development of agile software since its inception. One of the reasons why LISP is especially suitable for AI is the fact that the code and the data have the same treatment (like lists). This makes it especially easy to write programs capable of writing other programs depending on the circumstances.

LIPS and Syntax

The interchangeability of the code and data also gives LISP its instantly recognizable syntax, as it was the first language to incorporate ANSI.Besides that, lists are elements that can be used as symbolic representation.

Other Functions

You have superior functions, which is applied to the members of an argument in the list, where the results are also collected as a list.


LISP has a storage system where the middle network is IPv4, one of its advantages that you can access multiple external sites without taking advantage of dual internet circuits such as BGP. The storage of LISP is done through the ITR and ETR routers, which is what the source and destination address would show, but not the host ID of each site. Thisgrants a high degree of security when accessing.


In addition, LISP has repetitive programming styles, where is used to confirm a result that throws a variable with initial value.

We understand that not everyone is familiar with LISP, but it is one of the most used programming languages in the world, with many easy-to-use solutions, very beneficial, and simple if you learn to use it.

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