Presentations and Code Studies

These short presentations divide into three categories.

  1. Code studies on using Qi.
  2. Popular essays on aspects of education and computer science.
  3. Monographs and talks on aspects of Hermetic philosophy and Taoism.

Some of these presentations are audio talks and are marked .

Dedicated with respect both to the Tao and to the spirit that inhabits the computer.

Code Studies

Study #1. The Power of Qi: Interval Type Theory
Study #2. The Ten Cent Lisp Type Checker
Study #3. In Response to My Critics
Study #4. How to Build a Quantifier Machine
Study #5 Representing Non Determinism
Study #7 Writing a Reliable Algebra Program
Study #8 Using Polyadic Functions in Qi
Study #9 Metaprogramming in Qi: rewriting and partial evaluation
Study #10 Performance Shootout, Qi, Lisp and OCaml
Study #11 Types in Applied Mathematics

Popular Essays

The BiPolar Lisp Programmer
Why I am not a Professor
Hackers and Fighters
Homer, God and Beautiful Code
Lisp for the Twenty First Century

Taoism and Hermetic Philosophy

An Introduction to Taoism
11 Dialogues on Evil


Copyright (c) 2008, Mark Tarver