featured8 - Mike Lynch – A Proper Technology Investor

Mike Lynch – A Proper Technology Investor

Michael Richard Lynch is a 51-year-old British businessman who graduated from the University of Cambridge. He has been an investor and CEO of many important international companies, such as Autonomy Corporation, Invoke Capital, Darktrace, and more. He is also a member of the science and technology council of the United Kingdom due to his specialization in Natural Sciences.

The Beginnings

We know that the first company that Mike created was Lynett Systems Ltd, which was in charge of designs and audio products for music recording. Then, in 1996, he founded one of his largest companies, Autonomy Corporation, which ended up selling in 2011 for more than $ 11 billion dollars. Autonomy Corporation made several important investments such as software Verity, Zantaz, Meridio Holdings, among other programs and companies that paid off millions of dollars.

Business and Controversy

Autonomy Corporation was a multinational business software company. It had become the largest software business in the United Kingdom. In 2011 it was sold to Hewlett-Packard for $ 11.7 billion (£ 7.4 billion). After that, Mike was blamed by Hewlett-Packard for an asset write-off after the company’s purchase due to internal failures that occurred prior to the purchase-sale. Something that was verified as false time later, by an investigation of the Financial Times, where it was shown that the current owners of Autonomy were aware of the situation by the archived documents.

More Investments

Mike Lynch also invested on the cybernetic intelligence company, Darktrace, which was founded by a group of mathematicians from the University of Cambridge. Another of his creations has been Invoke Capital, a venture capital firm specialized in the area of technology. Lynch has managed to take more than $ 1 billion from Invoke to invest in emerging technology companies.

Invoke’s curiosity is that the firm does not charge any fees, and the money can be withdrawn if the person deems it necessary. Despite being an emerging company, the money that is necessary is spent on technological investments that are not yet ready to become businesses, but in the long term will pay off. In 2013 Invoke made an investment of $ 20 million in Darktrace, which happened to have a value of $ 120 million.


Mike Lynch has been described by The Sunday Times as “the British Bill Gates.” Mike is also a board member of the Newton Institute and the Tech City Investment Committee. Currently, he’s supporting technological investment projects through his company Invoke.

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