trade secrets - Does Your Business Need A Professional Private Detective?

Does Your Business Need A Professional Private Detective?

Private detectives are not the trench coat wearing people you see talking to their clients in a moonlit alleyway these days. And to be fair that was always more of a romanticised moviesque representation that didn’t really have much of a basis in real-life. But let’s be honest when you think of the services your business might need to employ or hire a private detective likely isn’t at the top of the list is it?

For the majority of people, I’ am guessing it isn’t even on the list at all, which makes sense because many people are not going to see how a private detective can really benefit their business. But they can! And I’ll explain why, private detectives are commonly thought to offer two main services.

The first is that people will turn to them to continue investigating a crime the police have stopped investigating. This could be because the police have not been able to make any headway in the case or because they have come to a conclusion that the victim or at least a party involved in crime are not satisfied with.

Or they can be called upon for more civil matters that the police won’t deal with. It might sound cliché, but people do hire private investigators if they suspect their partner is cheating on them. Of course, this isn’t a crime, but it is still a very stressful situation to be involved in isn’t it?

Now the latter reason isn’t really going to be something your business will need to worry about, is it? But the first matter might be and for more reasons than you might think, a private detective can actually help your business in a wide variety of ways when it comes to dealing with criminal matters. Let’s take a look at them in more detail, shall we?

The Benefits of Using A Private Detective

A professional private detective will have a very diverse skillset and many of these skills will be of use to businesses across all industries. Let’s look at some of the general benefits and some more niche examples for certain industries like technology.

Suspected Thefts

If your business regularly takes in money (and let’s be honest most do) and things aren’t quite adding up then you might suspect an employee is stealing money from you. Yes, there could be other explanations but thefts from the workplace do happen and if you do suspect it then you will need evidence to back up your claims.

This might sound easy, but it can be very difficult which is why calling in a professional private detective can be a huge help. A private detective will be able to use a variety of techniques like going undercover in the workplace and carrying out in-depth surveillance on any suspects in order to gather evidence.

Suspected Espionage

Espionage isn’t just something you’ll see in action thrillers and spy movies it’s a very real threat to businesses especially in highly competitive industries like technology. Let’s say your business is working on a new innovative developing technology that could quite literally change the way the world works!

But before you can patent an actual product or get the technology ready for release one of your leading competitors suddenly unveils the exact same technology you’ve spent years developing! It’s an extreme example but it can happen, and it will usually be because of corporate espionage.

Corporate espionage is when someone gets a job for your business purely, so they can gain access to what your business is working on and then they can share those secrets with your competition. Despite what you might think this isn’t something that only targets the big names in business either a small tech business can still be the target of corporate espionage.

And if you suspect corporate espionage you will usually have a difficult time proving it. But once again a private detective can be a big help when it comes to gathering evidence and identifying suspects.

Some private detective firms will focus solely on providing services to help with suspected espionage as well which shows just how big of a threat this can be. The tech industry is particularly rife with problems like corporate espionage but it’s far from the only industry affected.

Suspected Fraud

Fraud is another crime that can hit all kinds of businesses regardless of the industry. Proving fraud can also be very difficult especially if it’s being carried out by a senior member of the business who is able to cover their tracks well.

You might suspect the crime but proving it will not be an easy endeavour, but a private detective can help. They can go undercover in your business, carry out in-depth surveillance and much more to help gather evidence. So, if you suspect your business is being defrauded by someone hiring a private detective can help.

Background Checks

After looking at more serious problems like fraud, theft and corporate espionage a background check might seem like just a routine procedure. After all, don’t most businesses carry out background checks before they agree to hire someone?

Actually, it likely isn’t carried out by as many as you might think which can lead to further problems later on. While some business might carry out their own background checks and then hire a private detective to re-check it on their behalf.

An experienced private detective will be able to carry out a more thorough background check than many businesses will so if you suspect that a potential hire as covered up their background a private detective can help you get answers.

If you work in a particular industry like technology for example that often includes a lot of secrecy then hiring a private detective to run background checks will usually always be beneficial. So, that’s a look at all the ways hiring a professional private detective can benefit your business.

You likely won’t need a private detective on staff but knowing that you’ll always be able to call upon their services if you need them can help give any business owner added peace of mind.


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