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6 Tech Investing Hackers You Should Know

Technology is advancing too fast nowadays thanks to the technological investors who put time and money into truly profitable tech projects, becoming pioneers in the economy of each of their countries. Lambda Associates brings you some of the major investing hackers of our time:

Sonali De Rycker

Sonia grew up in Mumbai. She is a venture capitalist who has been a member of the Accel Company since 2008, working at their London headquarters. He graduated from Bryn Mawr College and Harvard Business School. She has a strong focus on business related to internet for consumers, electronic commerce, software, and financial services, among other things. Also, she has contributed and led investments worldwide, like Spotify, Wallapop, Shift Technology, and more.

Brent Hoberman

He’s a 49-year-old businessman who graduated from the University of Oxford. He’s currently Founders Factory’s president, a company to create emerging companies (Startups) on technology. He is the CEO of Lastminute.com, a successful travel company in the UK. He also recently created Firstminute Capital, a company that supports technological entrepreneurs, making an investment of $ 85 million dollars.

Eileen Burbidge

She’s a 47-year-old American venture capitalist who has worked in large technology companies such as Skype, Apple and Yahoo. She is currently an investor who chairs Tech City UK, as well, is the partner of Passion Capital, which has made recent investments with Tide or Nested (new technology companies).

Harry Briggs

He is an investment partner living in London. Harry began his career at McKinsey & Company as a strategic consultant and has led major investments such as Touch Surgery and Revolut. He’s also a partner of BGF Venture, a company that manages the venture capital of companies, and works as a consultant for Diversity VC, a company responsible for working with venture capital.

Justin Cooke

British entrepreneur and technological investor,he has created one of the favorite applications among young people, Tunepics, an app that allows you to add melodies to the images with iTunes. It has also partnered with Northzone, a stage venture capital fund company.

Harry Nelis

He has been a partner of the Accelcompany since 2004, being the main investor in different negotiations such as KAYAK (an Australian payment firm) that was acquired for $ 2.2 billion. He’s also the first investor of the lender Funding Circle, a company that aims to IPO.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the tech industry investing game, if you take these six people examples as a guide for your own investments, you’ll be successful too, but you have to know where to put your money. Being an investing hacker isn’t a child’s game.

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