featured3 - Simon Cook – The Bipolar Investor

Simon Cook – The Bipolar Investor

Simon Cook is a British technology investor who graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology. He is the co-founder and CEO of Draper Esprit, a risk capital company that was founded in 2006. We also know he has supported some important companies, including GRAZE, Pushdoctor.

Although he has been able to win big time, he has also crashed into big losses. This time, Lambda Associates is proud to showcase the bipolar investor, Simon Cook.

The Money Game

He has participated in the stock exchange of London and Ireland, alone in 2016 raised £160 million, in addition to being involved in venture capital for more than 22 years. He has been a partner of different European companies such as CAZENOVE, Prelude Ventures, Elderstreet Investments and others, all were acquired by Draper Esprit.

Cook started developing computer games, also work at KPMG as a strategy consultant. His biggest investment that still continues to bear fruit is the company Draper Esprit PLC, which is a venture capital firm that invests in trade, technology, among other areas in Europe. He continues to lead the company successfully, with investment strategies and fundraising for risk capital.

Some of the most successful technological investing achievements have been:


1 - Simon Cook – The Bipolar Investor

It’s a British DVD provider, through mail and videos that was acquired by Amazon in 2011. The idea was a major success, reaching more than 2 million subscribers, more than 7 million DVDs in only 5 countries.

Cambridge Silicon Radio

2 - Simon Cook – The Bipolar Investor

Currently holds the name of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. It is a semiconductor company such as connectivity chips, audio, imaging and location. Only in 2014 had 774.8 million USD in revenue.

More Numbers

Draper Esprit has surpassed the crisis that was said that the Brexit would leave in the industry, recently was listed on the stock exchange in Ireland, reaching £102 million, issuing more than 7 million additional shares. The Draper Esprit team has achieved investments of one billion dollars with more than 200 companies, creating a wide experience in the area of technological investments.

Simon Cook has said to London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) that the motivation of the Draper Esprit team is to be able to invest in emerging companies and achieve more shares so that it has more value for shareholders.

Simon Cook explains to UK Tech News that the venture capital target is of the same risk and reward, that it can be lost in a massive profit account, but it also has a massive amount of profits if it succeeds, that’s why the investor will always want the founder to feel the business as his own. Risk companies generally generate long-term profits.

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