s1 - AdvertisingAlthough Lambda Associates was born as a non-profit organization dedicated to software programming using Lisp in order to provide better solutions focused on educational and scientific research field, in 2010, we decided that a change needed to be made.

The result is the new Lambda Associates magazine, in which we promote different startup businesses while showcasing investors’ profiles, firms to look out when searching for funding for startup companies, and even tips and tricks when dealing with these negotiations.

We’re escalating rapidly in terms of search engine visibility, and we’re passionate about our field and our growth in the last year. We want your company to be a part of our success, and we definitely need more funding to keep boosting our brand.

We understand the need to reassure the investment return for your company in regards to advertising, and we offer different plans to fit every company’s needs. We want to work with as many funding sources as possible, but we understand our primary advertisers.

We offer several special benefits to companies who want to become primary advertisers of our website, including full exposure and even mentioning on every event we partake in. Our visibility is growing constantly and we want to make you a part of it.

If your company is interested in anything regarding advertising, or even becoming a primary advertiser of our web platform, feel free to contact us and we’ll arrange a plan which will fit your needs to the best of our ability.

Dylan Willis – Founder of Lambda Associates