About Lambda Associates

a1 - About Lambda Associates

Lambda Associates is a web magazine completely devoted to everything related to startup companies, with a special focus on engineering companies, tech investors, venture capitalists, and tech businesses.

Founded in 2005 as a coalition of software developers using Qi Lisp whileaimingto provide advanced open source freeware using for students, educators, and scientists engaged in software research, our business model changed to be a magazine with several active writers.

Dylan Willis was the responsible for this change, as he saw the opportunity to switch up our focus after some key founders left the software development team.

Our company changed, but our coalition still exists with another name and with a more business-oriented focus. The fact that we were a non-profit organization was limiting our resources and we decided to also change that particular business.

In the magazine, we’re specialized in content related to engineering startups and how to invest in these kinds of companies. We’re up to the task of teaching investors who are trying to venture into the field of technology how to do it and the signs to look for when investing for these startups.

If you’re an engineer with some ideas, or even a finished project for a startup company, we’ll be informative for you too. Learn the tips and tricks in order to catch that serious investor your idea needs to get off the ground. In Lambda Associates, our goal is to strengthen the economy with tech solutions, don’t miss on the next big business opportunity, and keep reading Lambda Associates.