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Super SEO Tips to Rock Your Website’s Marketing Strategy

Need an effective list of search engine optimisation techniques and tips to improve your website’s ranking position on search engine result pages? We are happy to tell you are in the right place. We did some homework and put together a list of best industry -wide SEO practices to make things easier for you.  With this in mind we caught up with the best SEO company in Edinburgh who were happy to share a few tips with us.

Keywords, keywords and keywords!

You may already know that keyword research is the focal point of any and every search engine optimisation strategy. We cannot stress its importance enough! The reason behind this is that you need access to query data to determine what your target market is searching for. Yes, your intuition is vital, yet the application of actual data will improve your performance rates.

Optimise the Right Keyword

Remember that each page and post on your website should link to one specific keyword. Take one of your web pages and send it to a friend. Ask him what he thinks it is about. His response will give you an insight into what the keywords should constitute. If the keyword you are trying to target generates different content results on Google, then it may not be the optimal keyword to go for.

Choose Low Competition Keywords

Just launched a new website and have low authority? If yes, then ranking for competitive keywords will be an even more challenging task. Of course, you can do it! But why not make your life easier and take a more productive route by targeting keywords with a lower degree of competitiveness? It is the fastest way to bring traffic to your website. There are many tools available online that you can use to figure out the competitiveness of different keywords.

Spy on Your Competitor’s Keywords

Do a little healthy stalking and check out what keywords your rivals are ranking for. Then, incorporate them into your own strategy! Don’t worry, there are plenty of softwares available that can help you do this.

Appoint Alerts for New Competitor Keywords

Nowadays, companies are spending a lot of money on developing their content strategy as a way to break through the communication clutter. Hence, you understand the essence of monitoring your rival’s strategy. Set up alerts to know every time a rival business establishes a new keyword.

Create Great Content

Now that you are all set with your keywords, let’s talk about the big “C” word, i.e., content. Remember you may have identified the most powerful keywords on the internet – but they will be nothing if the right content is not present to support it. Writing amazing content is an art form and you must find the right voice for your brand as well.

Get Awesome Topic Ideas

Got your keywords down but need some content themes for your content strategy? No worries, that’s what we are here for. Use programs to find out what is the most popular content out there. All you have to do is (in most of these tools) is to enter the keyword and press search to obtain a list of the most linked to and shared content.

Make it Super Reader Friendly

Let’s not scare the reader by having a big, never ending block of text in your content. That is a big no-go!

Keep your writing simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Write in short sentences and don’t include more than two or three sentences in one paragraph. Divide the content of your body into separate sections with sub-headings- this approach is great for search engine optimisation! Incorporate a story telling approach into your content to engage the reader. Do make sure to use visuals and pictures that relevant to your subject area. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Use numbered lists and bullet points whilst formatting to ease the overall look of your content piece.

On-Page SEO

Now that your content is ready to go, you need to optimise your pages for search engine optimisation. Add your main keywords in the header tag with a unique title tag. Remember your meta description needs to include a keyword too.

Write Attention Grabbing Titles

So you only have 55 characters to play with in your title, let’s make them count! Provoke emotions, captivate your reader’s attention and make your link clickable.

Avoid Meta tag truncation

Make sure your meta data doesn’t get cut off in its display on search engine result pages as this will a negative impact on your CTR.

Market your Content in Meta data

Do use your keywords in your meta-data but pitch your content as well as it is what will convince the reader to click on your link or not. Write a kick-ass meta description that will increase your clicks and help you get more traffic to your website.

Responsive Website

It is essential that your website looks amazing on all gadgets: laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. Remember it should not take eons to load, otherwise your user will lose interest!

Build Your Links

Building links is super important for your website’s SEO strategy.

Use Competitor’s Broken Links

Try to find links that are broken on your rival’s site: such as content that has bene deleted or has been moved and provide your content as a source.

Get Relevant Links

It is super important to get links that actually direct traffic to your website. It will be Google approved and will be effective as an SEO strategy. Indicators such as Domain Rating are a great way to tell if the website you are considering linking to has a strong digital footprint.

Technical SEO

Time to get technical! This is where you dig deep into your SEO strategy and go into the nitty-gritty.

Use Canonical URLS to Check Similar Content

Add canonical links to appoint favoured URL links with content similar to yours. You can do this by looking at the following: <link rel=“canonical” href=“http://example.com/the-defacto-version-of-the-page/”>

Kill those Spiders

Block crawlers and Googlebot from the private parts of your website, such as your admin, by logging them in robots.txt.

SSL Certification

Migrate your entire website to SSL and you will experience an improvement in your ranking.

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