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6 Super Awesome Local SEO Tips

The art of local search engine optimization is only booming and expected to continue in its upward trend due to the explosion in growth of smartphone usage and effective mobile connections.

When we talk about local SEO, we are ultimately referring to search results being produced on the basis of the researcher’s physical position. Let’s take an example, shall we? If you launch Google on browser and insert the term “best Indian fast food”, a bunch of suggestions will pop up that are in close proximity to you.

Most enterprises today, regardless of their size are benefitting from the magic of local search engine optimization. It’s an extremely cost-effective marketing channel to tap into for small or medium sized entities that do not have access to extensive resources as larger companies do.

However, the world of SEO is constantly evolving, and it is imperative to be consistently aware of the latest trends. Having said that, one thing remains common: search engines will create the most relevant search results based on the user’s location and search history. The good thing is that you recognise the importance of local SEO and are in the right place as we will share some few trips tricks to boost your ranking outcomes.

  1. “Google My Business”

Now, if you own a business and want to attract customers near you, then “Google My Business” is going to prove to be quite a profitable tool for you. Don’t worry, it’s cost free and may not be as popular as Facebook or LinkedIn but will still bring strong exposure for your company. This is dependent on whether you have managed to optimize your website as part of Google’s three pack. provided your website is optimized as part of Google’s three pack. All you have to do is type in and put your business space online.

Keep in mind Google has a number of strict procedures to verify that the business you claim to own is truly yours. The tech giant will send you a postcard with a PIN on it to your office address. When you receive it, just log online and enter the PIN details for verification purposes.  The minute you gain access from Google to build your business page- make sure you fill out as many sections as possible to provide sufficient information to your prospective consumers.

  1. Utilise Your Title and Meta Description Tags

These two brilliant description tags are a summary of your entire content. It gives the user an idea of what your content is about on the search engine result page and lets them decide whether to click on your content or not. The usual range for title tags varies from 50-60 characters whereas description tags allow 160-200 characters. Always fill this out as it’s a resourceful channel to hook in your consumer. Avoid going over the recommended ranges as you don’t want your text to be truncated in the SERP.

  1. Publish Your Customer Testimonials

Who better to sing your praise than your very own customers? For instance, if you’re a rehab centre and had individuals successfully recover from their drug addiction- incentivise them to write about their positive experiences and share any forms of therapy that really resonated with them. Perhaps, you encourage them to own their addictions by making them listen to songs about addictions. Such online reviews will build trust in your customer pool.

  1. Customize your “Google My Business” for Local SEO

This is your chance to let potential clients know you better. It is highly advised that you be as specific as  you can and select the most relevant business category applicable to your commercial venture. Google likes those business pages that contain complete, concise data. To help you out a bit, let’s take an example of an Italian restaurant. If you truly desire effective optimisation, then this is what you do:

  1. Publish your brand logo so your consumers can find you
  2. Put up images of your office and your products
  3. Post your opening and closing business hours
  4. State what your accepted methods of payment are
  5. Write a compelling business summary

Great way to boost your GMB Map listing is by using a citation building service to build relevant citations for your business.

  1. Optimize Your Content

Consumers today devour an endless sea of information and actively search it for it themselves. It’s great if you have the time and expertise to develop fresh engaging content on a regular basis as that will really make you stand out on the local SEO map.

Transform your website into a trusted channel of information and become a solution provider. This way, you’ll ensure that potential clients don’t switch to your competition. Keywords are critical when designing and optimising your content. Don’t forget to use the Google Keyword Planner tool to get ideas about search volume and the degree of competition.

  1. Recall Spam Conditions

As you have understood the power of local search engine optimisation, we’re sure that you will incorporate it into your marketing efforts and launch a local SEO campaign. There are a few things you must remember when doing this: Assess your ongoing local SEO techniques against performance and see if there is anything you can do better. In order to avoid being labelled as spam by Google, don’t make the following mistakes: Making lists for ineligible individuals, teams or places

  1. Using your keywords in your business name field
  2. Selecting the wrong category spam
  3. Double check the guidelines and make sure you’re abiding by them
  4. Wrong words in the business name field
  5. Incorrect phone number added
  6. Incorrect website address shared

We are confident that if you follow the tips given in this article, you will start getting ahead of your competition and improve your local SEO ranking position. There will be a learning period and do not forget that time is your friend.

Be patient and do not despair as you will not rank as Number 1 on Google’s SERP overnight. You might even have to experiment around a bit to see what local SEO tricks work for your business and what doesn’t.


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